jana rinchenbachova




Real- time interactive installation

Bathtub, 360 liters of sculptor's clay from Stoob, pump, RaspberryPi

170 cm x 80 cm x 50 cm

Master's project, Medo Space, Vienna

Quaking Perception is an interactive installation happening in real time looking into subjects from different spheres. It comprises a bathtub filled with liquid sculptor's clay in the consistence of geothermal mud, bubbling according to a seismic activity of a remote place in the Pacific Ocean.
A bathtub, an object from daily life represents a human meassure, standing as a symbol of pleasure, quiet moment or escape from the stress of everydayness.. Traditional sculptor's clay is rarely seen in the exhibition space. It serves for producing artworks, mostly for creating positive forms and afterwards it is recycled. Therefore clay stands for an invisible material and represents direct link to a remote event. The decision of choosing a seismic station on the other side of the world, in the place with almost no human touch comes among others from the idea of bringing on the surface something hidden in the deep ocean and observing the impact of its introduction to daily life.